Tuesday, April 9, 2013

Wreck It Ralph & Rise of the Guardians

I can't believe I didn't review these two kid movies already? What is wrong with me?

Two things these films have in common.
1) They are both about bad guys who learn they are really good guys with the help of a child/friend.
2) You should own them.

Wreck It Ralph:

I saw this in the theaters and thought I'd learned all the movie would be about from the previews. Wrong! It's easy to be wrong when you make assumptions and go in with low expectations. There was so much more to the story than the previews showed and certainly more twists. Good voices for the characters and all you'd expect from the animation. Yes, it's got a Disney ending, but with all the sad endings in reality I'm perfectly good with that. Good for all ages.

Fave line: She gives me the honey glow something awful.
Fave cameo: Qbert. Yes, you have to be a 'mature' viewer to get that Atari reference.

Rise of the Guardians:

Great story, animation and the voices ROCK! I can easily listen to Chris Pine for much longer than this movie goes on. Can't even recognize Alec Baldwin in his role, but it's fabulous! Jude Law adds so much oil to his voice to be the Boogeyman it'll send shivers down your spine and hold you spell bound. Hugh Jackman in all his Aussie glory, 'nough said. More twists than dropping down the Easter Bunny rabbit hole and a heart warming ending. Sigh. Good for all ages.

Fave line: Nevermind, I'll take the groundhog. (or something close to that)
Fave cameo: Yeti who only paints in blue and red

What about your family? Did they like them? Clamor for you to buy them? Sick of hearing them beg to watch it over and over again? Or can you now recite the whole movie by heart having viewed/listened to it countless times?

Got a kids movie you're exited about that's coming out soon?

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  1. We saw WiR and LOVED it!! Jeff especially, this is HIS movie now.