Thursday, April 24, 2014

Fortune Cookie

Fortune Cookie by Josi Kilpack is the next to last book in the series and not only is Sadie up to her elbows in mystery, but Ms. Kilpack has to keep coming up with new and inventive ways to kill people off!

This time Sadie is trying to uncover the mystery behind her estranged sister's death, while desperately trying to connect with a nephew she's never met, all while visiting the city (San Francisco) where Pete and his deceased wife vacationed often. Plus, she and Pete are trying to sell their homes and their wedding is only a few weeks away! What could possibly go wrong? 

If you're Sadie Hoffmiller, everything! 

I've come to greatly appreciate Ms. Kilpack's style of writing and the way she weaves in her descriptions, not to mention her recipes! Plus, she always keeps me guessing until the very end as to who the killer is because she gives the reader multiple potential suspects. 

My favorite side character in this one is the neighbor with a fetish for pink, even her poodle is pink! What a hoot she is! 

All told, if you've enjoyed the series so far, you won't be disappointed. And no, this isn't a spoiler, but Sadie doesn't die and the wedding is still on since the last book is titled Wedding Cake

I'll be sad to see the series end, but I'll enjoy reading them over again and making the recipes. Of course, I'll need to buy the earlier ones. I only picked up with Blackberry Crumble

How many Sadie books have you read? Will you be sad to see the series end? Which book is your favorite so far? Which recipe? 

Sadie Hoffmiller has always liked things to be just so. A place for everything and everything in its place. Order over chaos. And of all things Sadie should be able to control, her own wedding is at the top of the list. With the big day just three weeks away, Sadie is busily adding the perfect final touches to her wedding plans. But the arrival of a mysterious letter that bears a San Francisco postmark and no return address could change everything. The only person Sadie knows in San Francisco is her older sister, Wendy, whom she hasn't seen or heard from since their mother's funeral nearly fifteen years ago. Sadie has faced off with murderers and crooks in recent years, yet the potential of her sister reentering her life is both overwhelming and frightening. But, as Sadie soon discovers, the letter is just the beginning. Wendy's world turns out to be a place of unanswered questions, twisted truths, and more than one motive for murder. Includes eight new mouth-watering recipes, tested and approved by the official bakers of Sadie's Virtual Test Kitchen The authors culinary mysteries have become favorites with members of Goodreads and other book networking sites

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