Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Captain America: The Winter Soldier

Is Captain America 2 every bit as good as the first film? You betcha! 

I may have even liked it more! 

Steve Rogers is always striving to do the right thing. It's not about being on the winning side. It's about truth and right free of pride. How can you not get behind a guy like that? 

The themes of the movie are simple. What is truth? What is right? Are they the same? What do you do when they are different? And the biggest one: who can you trust in a network of spies who do work for the 'greater good' of man? Because not everyone agrees on what that is. 

Hydra comes back into play. Peggy is back. (Did they CG her age or was that all make-up?) Steve's scene with her is one of my favorites from this film. It's very short, but says so much. I love having Black Widow side by side with Captain America. One of my fave moments is of them on the escalator and another is the War Games reference. When is that girl going to get her own film already?! 

Lots of action, graphics, etc. All the stuff you come to see and appreciate that make a great action film, including those great one line nuggets of humor. Solid acting all around. 

The best part of this film is the character development of Captain America. That is what drives and really makes this story work for me. I hope they can carry it through to the third film. They didn't for Iron Man 3 and it took away from the story for me. 

When the biggest plot twist was revealed, I didn't see it coming and felt totally stupid, because they totally foreshadowed it and I still didn't see it coming at me. That's good storytelling and keeping the viewer in the moment so they don't have time to think ahead. Well done screen writers. 

My only criticism is the last shot of the main part of the film. Captain America is looking down at something he's holding and Falcon is standing just behind him to the right. That is where the cut happens. It should have ended with Captain America's eyes coming up to hit the camera and then cut. Just my opinion. But I think it would've made the ending stronger.  

Stay to the end. The very end of the credits. You don't want to miss that last scene/shot. 

Can't wait for Captain America 3! 

Worth a view? Absolutely! I'm so glad I saw it in theaters! 

Worth a buy? Preorder today! 

Did you think Captain America: The Winter Soldier was a worthy sequel? Why or why not? 

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