Thursday, January 22, 2015

Wild Hearts

Book 5 in the series keeps the flow and suspense going.

This time it's Delphi's turn to fall in love with the man her dead father picked out. Dad sure did have his daughters all figured out!

I really enjoyed how Delphi slowly came out of her shell, enjoyed taunting Jeremy, and became a far more likable chick than she'd seemed previously in the books. Be ready to enjoy the emotional roller coaster ride she and Jeremy embark on, complete with romance, death threats, and a super cute tattoo, even though I personally don't advocate ink on the body. Though I do love the cover!

The book is on par with it's partners as to Ms. Tullis' standard of writing. You'll have trouble putting it down. I even read it when I was brushing my teeth!


Now I need to get my hands on book 6!

Delphi Gifford has nearly given up on finding someone she could love as much as her dead husband, Fallon, who had died while they were still in college. Certainly local photographer Jeremy Litster wasn't at the top of her list, egomaniac that he is--even if he did drive the hottest racing motorbike she'd ever touched. 

Jeremy knew George DiCarlo had hand-picked him to marry Delphi, but hadn't counted on her not being in the loop. After working together for six months, though, he seriously regrets his misstep and begins a careful campaign to win her over. When someone tries to take the two of them out, he has to figure out what they did or saw that put them both in danger.

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