Monday, November 2, 2015

Courting Scandal

Jaima Fixsen's new book Courting Scandal is out! 

And should immediately go on your To Read NOW list. 

I've had the pleasure of reading both of Ms. Fixsen's previous books: Fairchild and Incognita. Finally, we get to hear Jasper's story. I think it just might be my favorite of the three for a number of reasons. 

Of course,  a theater girl like me was bound to love it because the heroine is an actress! But it's also a great story and told deliciously well. 

Part of my enjoyment came from returning characters from the previous books. Love spin-off series. (Is that a real thing?) I loved having so many characters woven into the story. Like having old friends meeting up after a time apart. I was pleased to see Anna working on Allistair's leg and the blossoming relationship between Jasper's parents. I would really like to sit down and read the 3 stories back-to-back. If only time permitted!

This book for me is her best writing to date. Her other books are already brilliant, but all authors grow with each book they write and it shows. 

The descriptions were like eating really decadent ice cream. Smooth and melty, delish, esp. when Gemma/Laura conjure up sordid images of her "mistress palace." I laughed in several places. Loved it when Jasper ran into Mrs. Stokes. 

Love the cover!

If you're looking for a clean, sweep you off your feet regency style romance, then you have found it. Enjoy!

Jasper Rushford doesn’t want drama—when visiting a sister who’s about to give birth, the more placid the event, the better. But when he recognizes the doctor’s mousy sister as the darling of London’s stage, theatrics are inevitable. 

Laura Edwards took to the stage to support her brother’s medical career. Now that he’s established he wants her to turn respectable, landing her in the country, hiding in plain sight from one of her biggest admirers. And her alter ego, celebrated actress Gemma Holyrood, would be having so much more fun… 

Caught in the English countryside amidst Jasper’s dazzling and dizzyingly complicated family, it’s no place to let Laura’s secret come out.

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