Friday, January 29, 2016

Laundry Room Facelift

Actually, it's a makeover. We've never touched the laundry room before. It is the last room on the main floor to be done. Now that it is, the main floor is FINISHED!!!

As per usual I jumped right into the project, forgetting to take BEFORE pictures. So, let me describe. Vanilla walls. The six panels on the doors painted a peach color. Apparently in the late 1990's-early 2000's there was a trend in this area to paint the panels the same color as the walls but leave the main part of the door untouched/white. Weird. As the majority of our house when we bought it was a vanilla color: walls, trim, and doors, when we paint a room we have to paint EVERYTHING! A day of trim and doors and another day of walls. It's a two step process. Isn't everything?

Here are the pics with the trim and doors painted.

Here are the pics with the walls painted a light green/blue. My husband, suffering from a cold, heroed up and did all the cutting in at the top of the ten foot ceilings that I couldn't reach even with a ladder. As I cut in, I worried I was wasting my time painting the walls the same color as the trim because it looked so light wet, even though we looked at the paint chip for months and agreed on the color. Two cans later, this is the result. 

To finish it off, we took down the old shelf, 12 inches deep, and replaced it with a new one 16 inches deep. Then my husband took the old shelf and cut it into two pieces to add two more shelves to the top of the pantry. I have floor to ceiling shelving there now! Love recycling. The final touch: new washer and dryer. I LOVE them! 

So it's not showing well in the pictures, but the walls really are a different color than the trim and doors. 

This completes Phase I of the laundry room. Phase II will include a new utility sink, shelves over the washer/dryer area, and shelves over the utility sink. Not exactly sure when that phase kicks in. I'll keep you posted. 

What home projects will you knock out this winter?

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