Thursday, February 18, 2016

Hello Again

Hello Again is the first book in Heather Tullis's new series which intertwines with another favorite author's series: Indulgence Row by Danyelle Ferguson.

Piper Daniels is a passionate heroine, who cares about her autistic brother and run down community. Her heart is in all the right places, except when it comes to lost love Reece Stone.

Watching them untangle the pain of the past while attempting to unriddle the possibility of a future is the crux of the plot and Ms. Tullis weaves a poignant tale that will have your heart fluttering.

This new series is on par with the other novels she's turned out. Great writing, heart tugging, believable, and likable characters to cheer for. Also, a gorgeous eye catching cover.

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 Piper Daniels has one wish—to keep her little brother out of trouble—but her work schedule and a lack of activities for teens in her neighborhood complicate that mission. When she latches onto the idea of starting a community garden, it seems to answer all of her requirements. Until she realizes who owns the property she wants to use. 

Reece Stone was the love of her life ten years earlier, until he left with only a phone call goodbye and no explanation. Now he’s the head of Stone Enterprises, and he’s thrilled at the chance to make amends and spend time with the woman he’s never been able to forget. He knows they can find love again, if he can melt her anger enough to give him a chance. 

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