Thursday, September 1, 2016

Jacob & Lace

Jacob and Lace by [Anderson, Tory]

Jacob and Lace by Tory Anderson is my first read by this MG author.

The story of two unlikely friends is touching. Jacob's life is turned upside down when his depressed mother suddenly uproots them from their life in California to a tiny town. Lace is an outcast living on the fringes of rural life. The friendship is tenderly formed and as the relationship grows both their lives change for the better. But change, no matter the outcome, is often painful and it is no different for these two characters.

The story is well crafted and told with heart. Middle grade readers might find it a little slow, but it moves at a steady pace and there is much to be learned and gained from the story.

I'd read more by this author.


Things haven’t been the same for Jacob since his mother quit talking, eating, and getting out of bed. He is confused one morning when she wakes him with the words, “We’re leaving.” Jacob finds himself on a journey to a small town from his mother’s childhood where she hopes he will find safety before she dies.

In a new town, a new school, and with a mother losing her battle with depression, Jacob’s life is turned upside-down. Lace Pearlshom, the social outcast from Jacob’s homeroom, adds to the confusion with her uncanny way of appearing out of shadows and disappearing up blind alleys. She pushes her way, unwelcome, into Jacob’s life. Lace may hold the key to saving Jacob’s mother, but can he accept the cost? 

In the unlikely friendship that develops Jacob learns the secrets behind Lace’s mysteries and comes to understand the tragic circumstances of her life. His efforts to help her unexpectedly brings in the Child Protective Services which is determined to take Lace away. Can a friendship this deep ever be broken? Can two broken lives make the world whole?

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