Thursday, October 20, 2016

Bus Driver Diaries

Bus Driver Diaries: Stories From the Driver's Seat by [Anderson, Tory]

This is a novella of vingnettes of Mr. Anderson's experiences as a rural bus driver.

It's an enjoyable glimpse into a driver's point of view on kids who ride the bus. The ups, downs, white knuckle moments, and funny moments.

A short fast read. Perhaps he will share a follow up in the future that will bring more tales of bus delight.


Some cars, not very many, still have radios that are tuned by a dial. If the dial is turned fast, voices and music quickly resolve and then disappear in fragments. A practiced ear can get a sense of what the fragment of sound was about. Being a bus driver is much like turning the radio dial. Instead of sounds, faces flash past giving a momentary glimpse into a child’s day or life. It isn’t much of a glimpse; it is just enough to make me care. 
“Faces Like Music” from Bus Driver Diaries 

After fifteen years traveling the world in the high tech industry, Tory Anderson found himself driving his first busload of kids. What started as an act of desperation turned into a life changing experience that led to courage he was lacking, and love he didn’t know he had. 

Bus Driver Diaries puts you in the driver’s seat with Tory to experience the world that unfolds on a bus in-between school and home. Amid the noise and frustration you will find a world of beauty, wonder, and humor. After reading this book, every sighting of a school bus will bring a smile to your face.

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