Thursday, March 9, 2017

Valentine Pets & Kisses 2

I was excited to try new authors and enjoy some sweet romances for Valentine's Day. It was a great deal and I hoped to add new authors to my "must read" list.

I was totally disappointed.

I read the first story by Victoria Pinder and went no further, so I cannot speak to the stories or authors that came after her.

There were typos on every page, including one ex. [insert Mother's name], grammar mistakes, plot holes, loose ends, underdeveloped characters, blocking issues, etc. It read like an unedited first draft.

I expected more from USA today and international best selling authors.

It makes me sad to leave a review like this when authors work hard to create characters and stories they hope readers will love and enjoy. I hope it was a case of an unupdated version, but that seems a big oversight on the author's part regarding a book release.

If I ever get the courage to read anymore in this anthology, and find improvement in the other stories, I'll gladly update my review.


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  1. I never know if I should leave a negative review. I usually don't leave any review. But I have contacted an author about editing concerns. I wish I knew the best course to take.