Thursday, June 8, 2017

Ultimate Life: Create a Life Worth Living in 9 Simple Steps

A non-fiction book by the talented Rachelle Christensen and her husband Steve Christensen to get your life on track. 

Ultimate Life: Create a Life Worth Living in 9 Simple Steps by [Christensen, Steve, Christensen, Rachelle]I've been interested in this subject for years and read about it occasionally. I eat well, exercise, and keep my life fairly well in balance so I was curious what additional light they might shed on the experience. 

The book is well written and an excellent starting point for those embarking on a wellness journey. There are helpful tips and stories to spur you along, and a website to check out for more information. 

As always, you can read until the cows come home, but if you don't get out of your chair/off your couch, nothing will change. You have to do the work. No one can do it for you. 

This book was a good refresher for me. As I've already incorporated the nine steps in my life, I'm looking forward to a version of an Advanced Ultimate Life. I hope they'll write one. 

Ultimate Life gives you a simple, yet detailed look at how to create a life worth living in 9 simple steps. 
In this step-by-step guide, you’ll learn how to:
•Gain more energy and vitality in life
•Choose the right foods to help you lose weight 
•Build lasting relationships that connect at a deeper level
•Create a workout routine that produces noticeable results 
•Gain a greater understanding for your own purpose in life 

Get ready to live the life of your dreams, your Ultimate Life! Get the guide to get started at 

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