Thursday, February 20, 2020

Ending the Rain

This isn't a fairytale retelling but an original story involving coming of age, love, and finding one's true destiny isn't necessarily dictated by what's on a stone but what's in a heart.

I read this for book club otherwise I might not've found this charming tale, which is well worth the read.

Ms. Niedfeldt has done a wonderful job of creating a lovely world for her characters. There is magic, there are knights, and a delightful finishing school.

I enjoyed following Abagail's journey through friendship and love. By her side is faithful Lacey. Abigail must traverse the precarious pitfalls of first crushes and love, fitting into a new school, and discovering the at-first-frightening school teacher is an ally she needs.

Well done Ms. Niedfeldt. I enjoyed it so much, I bought the second book to finish the tale.


Once upon a time . . .

Having grown up in a small village, Abigail always expected to lead an average, ordinary life. But when her dreams come true and she is accepted to Poppy Seed Academy's prestigious finishing school, she soon learns that her destiny is anything but ordinary. Suddenly finding herself overwhelmed by feelings of fear and inadequacy, it will take the help of both a dashing, young soldier and a wise, old teacher for her to be able to gather the courage necessary for her to become the person she needs to become.

An original fairy tale about a young woman who is willing to risk everything - including the dreams of her heart - to save the kingdom she loves.

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