Thursday, February 27, 2020

Finding Ever After

This was a fitting conclusion to the tale.

Abigail starts off in hiding and longing for Christian.

There is much more of Lacey's story this time, which effects and is important to Abigail being able to fulfill her destiny.

There is intrigue, surprise, and happy ever after, but not until the heroine's journey goes through some perilous moments.

A delightfully clean read. I hope that Ms. Niedfeldt writes more stories set in this world.


The magical story continues in this sequel and final resolution to Ending the Rain: A Fairy Tale.

Fairy tales end with a kiss . . . But that is really only the beginning.
Abigail has found true love, but will she ever be able to secure her happily ever after? Having fled to the northern kingdom, her fate seems uncertain as she endeavors to hide from the soldiers that continue to diligently search for her.

Just as she is getting comfortable in her new life, an important document is suddenly discovered, forcing Abigail to choose between the comforts and security of her new home and the chance to fight for her destiny. Will she have the courage necessary to do what it takes—even risk her life—to reclaim what is rightfully hers?

After all, "happily ever afters" don't just happen. You have to fight for them.

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