Thursday, January 18, 2024

How to Find a Keeper

Mr. Banner tackles a difficult premise in this romance. A married woman and single man are attracted to one another. 

No one likes a cheater. So I want to root for them and not root for them at the same time, very conflicting. 
This makes it hard to build the romance between them. 
And so this isn't a straight forward romance for me as both characters are, blessedly, highly moral and won't act on the attraction until the way is clear, which doesn't come until the end of the book. 
This novel felt more like a prequel to their love story rather than the love story itself. 
And so the romantic declarations missed their powerful punch for me. 
Worth a read? Yes. Does it follow the typical romantic plot line? Not so much. 
Keep those points in mind when you pick up this book. And, yes, you will enjoy it. 

Zandra Curtis’s world is turned upside down when she finds out her husband has cheated. But she doesn’t believe in throwaway marriages, and she won’t let go without a fight. As Zandra tries to heal her marriage, she is also trying to figure out how to heal the lesions on her French Mastiff’s joints. Dog coach Cason O’Connor, with his easy-going manner and good looks shows up at just the wrong time and Zandra, ever-faithful to her husband, keeps her distance.

Cason quickly falls in love with the Curtis’s Mastiffs, but he’s careful about getting close to the attractive—but very married—owner. Having been hurt by a cheating fiancée, the last thing Cason wants is to cause problems for the young couple.

Can Zandra find a way to convince her husband to fight for their marriage? Or is she fighting the wrong fight altogether?

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