Thursday, January 4, 2024

The Billionaire Love Match

Ms. St. Claire never disappoints. 

This may be my favorite book by her to date. 
Love the premise. The book starts out with bang and Ms. St. Claire isn't afraid to torture her characters. 
She keeps the plot developing along with all the feels. 
The MCs are both between a rock and a hard place with the situation and discerning if their feelings and the other person's are real or just emotional whiplash. 
So much fun!
Happily blame Ms. St. Claire if you ignore sleep and responsibilities to finish this novel. 

Does real love stand a chance on reality TV?

The odds are NEVER in your favor. At least, that’s what she thought. But when Casey makes the final casting call for a matchmaking show, she holds her breath and takes a chance.

Colt Woods needs to find ratings, not romance. When the show he expected to be all-fake turns all-too-real, Colt has to rethink everything. Especially when his movie-mogul mother tries to script the ending.

In front of cameras and surrounded by fourteen other jealous women, Colt and Casey do their best to let a real relationship unfold.

Can they trust something built on live television or will their relationship run out like fifteen minutes of fame?

Scroll up and one-click to find out if love gets the final rose!

This clean, inspirational billionaire romance is a perfect read if you enjoy witty dialogue and colorful characters or consider shows like The Bachelor a guilty pleasure.

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