Thursday, March 21, 2024

Anatomy of Peace

When a friend handed me this book, I thought I would be bored reading a non-fiction book about achieving inner peace. 

I couldn't have been more wrong. 

The authors brilliantly teach their principles through a fictional story. I looked forward to reading a chapter each day over my lunch hour and got grumpy when I had to skip a day because I wanted to see how the characters would respond to the lessons and what I could learn and implement daily. 

The prinicples presented can be life changing if you let them. I certainly see myself and the world around me differently and better. 

If the world could do the same, our hearts would be at peace. 

From the authors of Leadership and Self-Deception (over 2 million copies sold) comes a new edition of this bestseller that has been thoroughly revised to more effectively address the diversity, equity, and inclusion challenges that plague our communities and hinder our organizations.

What if conflicts at home, at work, and in the world stem from the same root cause? What if we systematically misunderstand that cause? And what if, as a result, we unwittingly perpetuate the very problems we think we are trying to solve?

The Anatomy of Peace uses a fictional story of an Arab and a Jew—both of whom lost their fathers at the hands of the other's cousins—to powerfully show readers the way to transform conflict. We learn how they come together, how they help parents and children come together, and how we too can find our way out of the personal, professional, and social conflicts that weigh us down.

The fourth edition includes revisions and new materials and resources that increase its relevance and usefulness at a time of deeply entrenched divisions throughout society. Additionally, it includes new detailed discussions of the pattern of dehumanization that lies at the heart of today's most pressing struggles with prejudice and discrimination—challenges that cannot be solved until the origins of bias and discrimination are properly understood and addressed. The new edition is a unique and vital resource for combatting racism and prejudice in their many manifestations.

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