Thursday, March 14, 2024

Assistant to the Villian

My sister recommended this one, and I'm so happy she did. 

It's wonderful to find a clean story that focuses on the characters while simultaneously being excellent at world building and crafting a romantic thread all at the same time. 

The narrator was a brilliant choice for the story. 

The only thing I got blindsided by was this being the first of a trilogy, though I began to suspect the story would need more than one book as I got to the eighty percent mark. There was simply too much to wrap up and not enough pages/time. 

Looking forward to the rest of the trilogy. 


ASSISTANT WANTEDNotorious, high-ranking villain seeks loyal, levelheaded assistant for unspecified office duties, supporting staff for random mayhem, terror, and other Dark Things In General. Discretion a must. Excellent benefits.

With ailing family to support, Evie Sage's employment status isn't just important, it's vital. So when a mishap with Rennedawn’s most infamous Villain results in a job offer—naturally, she says yes. No job is perfect, of course, but even less so when you develop a teeny crush on your terrifying, temperamental, and undeniably hot boss. 
Don’t find evil so attractive, Evie.

But just when she’s getting used to severed heads suspended from the ceiling and the odd squish of an errant eyeball beneath her heel, Evie suspects this dungeon has a huge rat…and not just the literal kind. Because something rotten is growing in the kingdom of Rennedawn, and someone wants to take the Villain—and his entire nefarious empire—out.

Now Evie must not only resist drooling over her boss but also figure out exactly who is sabotaging his work…and ensure he makes them pay.

After all, a good job is hard to find.

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