Thursday, July 10, 2014

Pistols and Pies

Pistols and Pies by Heather Justesen is the second culinary murder mystery in this Sweet Bites Mystery series.

It's every bit as yummy as the first!

Poor Tess. That girl keeps finding bodies. She's going to need a therapist soon. Maybe in book 3 or 4? New characters are always fun, right? Like Lenny, alive, large, and wanting to be in charge. His subplot was wonderful to watch unfold. Then there's hunky Shawn and more steady Jack. Sigh. What's a girl to do? Nearly die trying to solve a murder case apparently! Again.

But I loved seeing several old characters back too. Tess can't get through life without Honey. Frankly, we all need a Honey. Happy for those who have a bestie like her. They are hard to come by and very precious when found. Tingey gets a softer side for just a moment or two.

This book is equally balanced between plot driven and character driven. Well written, polished, clean, and a fast read.

Now it's time to get baking. That's my favorite. All desserts!

When will the next murder be? How soon can we get yummy new recipes to try? Who will Tess pick to be the love in her life?

Tess thought her sleuthing days were behind her after she nearly died solving her first murder, but when a city councilman is killed at the opening of the new fitness center, and his step son is the detective’s favorite suspect, she gets roped into proving the teenager is innocent. When the killer ups the stakes, Tess is forced to put herself in danger or risk the life of someone she cares about.

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