Tuesday, July 22, 2014


Not sure how long this one has been out, but I'd been curious to see it.

The concept is intriguing. Earth only has one inhabitable area and it's one couple's job to secure that area against the scavengers. They are only two weeks away from freedom, i.e. returning to space. Except, the guy is to curious, has dreams that feel like memories, and has built himself a forbidden retreat on the ground.

Lots of interesting twists. It kept me guessing and entertained. But somethings were obvious, like who the mystery girl was that we're likely in for a happy ever after. Always fun to watch an actor/actress have to play multiple parts. Hard to discuss the plot without giving things away.

One question: why does the redhead never have any underwear on? Great clothes. But really?

So, PG-13 for nudity, guns, violence, you get the idea.

Worth a view? Yes. In fact I might want to watch it again.

Worth a buy? Maybe. For the right price, as in really cheap.

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