Tuesday, July 15, 2014


So I guess this one is based on a comic book series?

Pretty simple plot. Guy dies. Wishes he wasn't dead so he could still be with his wife. Gets the choice of going to hell or being an after life cop. He picks option 2, assumes the identity of an older Asian man, and gets partnered up with an Old West Marshall to fight the Deados.

Seems plausible. Right the wrongs. Save the world. Exact revenge on his old partner. Redeem his soul. But you can't be made alive again. Bummer. Kills the romance aspect in a big way.

Some funny moments. Esp. when the camera view switches from who the cops really are as to how the living see them. Good cast.

This one is sort of in the middle to low end of the spectrum. I can't imagine there would be a sequel even though they left it open for one.

Worth a view? Sure. I watched it for free one night. And it's pretty short as films go.

Worth a buy? No. I would not pay money for this film. I imagine it didn't do well at the box office. Some stories are better left as comics.

Is there an untold comic series worth turning into a movie?

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