Thursday, August 28, 2014

Countdown to Love

This was my first read by Julie Ford. Not her first novel, but a truly enjoyable read.

I don't watch reality shows like The Bachelor, etc. but reading this book you don't have to be a fan of those kinds of shows, even though this story takes place in one.

It is all kinds of funny, a great romantic comedy.

Just start with the name Kelly Grace Pickens, which plays off the real life celebrity Kellie Pickler, and go from there.

It has all the right elements of heart, romance, ridiculous outfits, country twang, and sass. Mix with strong character writing and descriptions and you have one awesome read ahead of you. Add in a bag of your fave chocolate and ignore the world for a while.

It's clean. No sex. No language. Just good old fashioned kissing.

I sure hope Ms. Ford writes some more RomCom in the future.

Kelly Grace Pickens is excited to get married—until she's abandoned at the altar. Desperate, she accepts an offer to appear on a reality TV show similar to The Bachelor, called Count Down to Love. Her country ways are a stark contrast to the mysterious bachelor from New York. Wading through hurt and betrayal, Kelly discovers that being true to yourself is essential to finding happiness and love.

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