Tuesday, September 2, 2014

The Amazing Spiderman 2

Up front I have to say, I'm lean more toward loving the franchise with Tobey McGuire. Transitioning to this Spiderman in the first one was a little challenging for me.

That said, I liked this one better than the first one in this franchise. Maybe it was because I was used to the actors portraying the characters or maybe it was just better. Spiderman definitely looked more the part this time.

New bad guys, Harry - predictable, Electro - had no idea that was even a villain in these comics, but as I've never read them I just have the films to go by. I know, every die hard comic Spidey fan just shook their head and exited the rest of this post. I apologize to them. I read books, not comics. I didn't even really read the 'funnies' in the newspaper growing up. To each their own.

That all said, there is plenty to like in character portrayal, tension, graphics, stunts, etc. All is up to par there.

What I couldn't believe was the ending. I won't spoil it, but let me just say I sat there in shock. Sad, sad, sad.

Will there be a third? I'd count on it. The current owners to the rights of Spiderman films get to keep them provided they produce a film every so many years as stated in the contract. If not, it goes to Disney, as they now own the rights to all things Marvel. Interesting huh?

Worth a view? Yes.

Worth a buy? We don't have it, but it's one I'd watch again. Maybe we'll pick it up as part of a complete package when they are done with this line of Spidey.

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