Thursday, September 4, 2014

Till Death Do Us Part

So, I've skipped around a bit in this series and haven't had the chance to read them straight through. Maybe sometime soon. To be perfectly honest, I'm not even sure I have the whole series!

But, I do remember reading the first one and how much fun it was. So, now I've jumped to the end book of the series and found to be my delight the characters are just as wonderful as I remembered.

If every Relief Society president was as sleuthy as Ida Me, it sure would make for some good stories at church! She sure gets into a heap of trouble but her friends and family always have her back and things come right at the end, except of course for the bad guy.

If you're up for a quick fun read, grab this one and go. Better yet, grab the whole series and spend an enjoyable few days with Ida Mae and her cohorts.

The writing is clean, witty, and the characters are well developed with distinct voices. No language or sex. Just a few rather chaste kisses.

Do you have a light mystery series you enjoy?

Will Ida Mae survive her own wedding?

When charming, and mostly bald widower, George Gilmore asked Ida Mae Babbitt to marry him, she was surprised and delighted. But now he has made another proposal to hold the wedding in two weeks, while all his children are in
town. Flustered but sure she can handle it with the help of her friends, Ida
Mae agrees.

The plan doesn¹t go over so well with George¹s family, however, and Ida Mae
finds herself the victim of a plot to stop the wedding. At first the
incidents seem like harmless pranks, but they escalate until Ida Mae finds
herself in real danger and in real pain. Bells are ringing, but are they
wedding bells or death knells?

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