Tuesday, August 19, 2014

The Hundred Foot Journey

As you can tell, it's been a slow summer in regards to my movie viewage. I really haven't gone out to see anything new in the theater or rent much on the Redbox. It's been a busy summer in so many ways, but that's not why you're here. You want to know what I thought about the movie. Read on.

I liked it. It's a nice good feeling movie that makes you want to head into the kitchen and cook. Or eat at a fancy restaurant that will feed you yummy food. Or maybe not so fancy.

I enjoyed the simplicity of the film. Picturesque France, spicy Indian food, romance, and the combination of it all that takes you more than one hundred steps to complete the journey. It was beautiful, humble, feisty, and with easy to love characters. Everyone had a dream they hoped to fulfill through food.

Be sure and eat before you view this or you'll be starving all the way through. Pick French or Indian to satisfy the taste buds, or whatever you have on hand. Your pick. It's a great dinner and a movie choice.

The acting is soulful, even if Helen Mirren's Brit accent leaks through in places, but her French is impeccable, so all is forgotten. At least, I think the French is, not being a fluent speaker of that language.

It is a slow moving movie with excellent pacing. Not the right one for when you're in the mood for action.

It's pretty clean with occasional kisses and possibly one swear word. There is a tragedy to start with, so be aware. Also, there was one snippet near the end between the romantic pair implying they'd celebrated by having sex at work, which was totally unnecessary and momentarily cheapened their relationship for me.

Worth a view? Yes.

Should you catch it in the theater or on the Redbox? Redbox. Although it made for a lovely Girls Night Out.

Do you prefer French cuisine or Indian?

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