Thursday, March 26, 2015

Becoming Lady Lockwood

Becoming Lady Lockwood is Jennifer Moore's debut novel and subsequently my first read by her.

She has done her research! She masterfully delivers her flavor of the era with the various locales: Jamaica, a British naval warship, and London. She manages to deliver on the technicalities that add to the story rather than bog down the reader with excessive description. It's a difficult line to walk and Ms. Moore does it well.

I appreciate the devilish nature of having to tell the story from the minds of the two main characters. They must be presented with distinct voices without being different than the overall voice of the story. Tricky work. Ms. Moore does it with ease.

I enjoyed watching how this Pride and Prejudice beginning, in which the hero and heroine dislike each other upon first meeting, slowly broke down barriers between Amelia and William as the journey progressed. It was a slow and decidedly delicious affair. Savor it.

All of the characters, large and small, are fully fleshed out and come to life on the page, in your imagination, and, if you are very lucky, in the very spot in which you read. Emotions, expressions, manners all pour as naturally from the page as the characters. Likable to the core, all of them. Some especial favorites of mine: Sydney, Riley, and the sail master.

I like strong heroines who have a tendency to rebel against the rules of their era. Amelia is one of those. Hooray!

It's a clean read, just a few chaste Regency kisses, but we must have those or it wouldn't be a romance!

Grab your cup of tea and this book for a lovely read. I look forward to more of Ms. Moore's novels.
Her's are in the same company as Jaima Fixsen's, Lauren Skidmore's, and Julianne Donaldson's novels.

Amelia Beckett is delighted to be a widow. Married by proxy to a man she’d never met, Amelia recognizes that a fortuitous entry into widowhood frees her from meddlesome chaperones and matchmakers. Heiress to her mother’s sugar plantation in Jamaica, she happily anticipates working in a man’s world, with the additional credibility of her new title: Lady Lockwood. But with the arrival of Captain Sir William Drake, her plans quickly go awry . . .William has traversed the Atlantic with one purpose. If he cannot prove that Amelia’s marriage to his brother was a fraud, she will be entitled to a sizeable portion of his family’s estate. He is determined to return this duplicitous “Lady” to London for an official hearing, and he carries with him a letter that will ensure her cooperation . . .Left with no choice, Amelia joins the captain on his return voyage to England, and the two quickly find that ship life does not allow for evasion. Amelia and William are ceaselessly thrown together, and amidst fierce storms and ocean battles, what began as antipathy seems to be evolving quite unexpectedly. But as they draw ever closer to their destination, will the impossibility of their circumstances shatter any hope of a future together?


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  1. Terrific review, Lisa!! Sounds like a good story!