Thursday, March 19, 2015

Painting Kisses

Painting Kisses by Melanie Jacobson

I read her book The List a while ago and totally loved it. This one is a bit different but comes with the quality I expect in Ms. Jacobson's writing.

Get ready to be immersed in art. Lia is an artist who's been underground for three years. But circumstances force her to pick up her paintbrush once more, unleashing all she's held in. As emotion floods onto canvas Lia must face who she was, is, and wants to become. Not to mention figure out a mystery and her growing attachment to Aidan who baffles her.

Ms. Jacobson moves the story along at a steadily increasing pace that won't have you sprinting to the finish line but will leave you savoring every step of the way. Do yourself a favor, don't skip or skim her descriptions. They aren't wordy and are eessential to understanding the characters. You'll miss out on great word craft if you do.

It's a stunning sassy heartfelt tale and a quick read.

Mom's note: kissing, not French kissing or anything beyond.

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Lia Carswell is good at what she does—even if it isn’t as glamorous as her old life in Manhattan. The popular waitress works hard in a small Salt Lake City diner, with the goal of easing her sister’s financial strain. And with her witty personality and good looks, she’s something of an enigma to the male customers who vie for her attention. Ever the professional, Lia keeps her distance—with one exception. Aidan is a breakfast regular, and Lia’s easy rapport with him draws her attention, though she would never let their relationship get serious—especially since he’s not the only one trying to catch her eye. Her handsome neighbor Griff has been hinting that he wants more than a neighborly relationship.Then her old New York artist life comes knocking, and an offer is made for a series of commissioned paintings. Lia knows it would ensure financial security for her family, but she doesn’t know if she wants that life anymore. When she undertakes one final project, she reawakens her heart and soul. And as she finds herself falling in love and needing an outlet more and more, she realizes her paintings might be her saving grace.

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