Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Cinderella & The Book of Life

I haven't been posting lately on the movies I've been catching up on. Over the weekend I caught up on these two movies.

I actually went to the theater! I can't even remember what I last saw in the theater, it's been that long. Sad.

Cinderella was lovely.

I know there's been alot of backlash in the media about it, but spare me the drama. It's a fairytale. Kids get that. They grasp it. Sadly, and all too soon, they grow out of it.

First off, I'm a Lily James fan. I adore her on Downton Abbey. I loved watching her in this film. Somehow she is beautiful when wearing 'natural' makeup. Not all actresses can pull that off. She can and does. Only two questions. How heavy is the blue dress? How does she curtsy that low without falling over?

The prince is okay. Not my style of prince. But he gets the job done. And since when is Kit a prince's name?

Loved all the actors/actresses playing side characters. Recognizable faces and names. Great cast!

I totally want to go live on the set. Gorgeous!

Worth a view? Yes.
Worth a buy? Yes. We're big Disney fans here. Set up the preorder now.

Oh, and the word is that Emma Watson's been cast as Belle for the live version of Beauty and the Beast. Can't wait!

The Book of Life

This is like the Mexican version of Corpse Bride.

I found it fun and funny. All the songs had me cracking up. Clean humor. Good for the whole family.

Excellent animation. Lots of style.

Totally Team Manolo from the start.

Worth a view? Yes.
Worth a buy? I would watch it again but my kids weren't as taken with it. So, no. But I would like to get the sound track!

What did you watch this weekend?

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