Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Percy Jackson and the Sea of Monsters the movie

I finally finished listening to this series on audio. It's taken a few long drives over the past couple of years to get it done, but it was fun to drive to.

I really like the books. They're fun, cool, imaginative and always go in an unexpected direction. Plus, I love that it gets kids/teens interested in Greek mythology while taking them on an awesome magical adventure.

The films are fun on their own, but for die hard book fans they aren't very similar. The names and a really general loose story arc taken from the book are the only resemblances. Not so mention the kids were too old to start the film series to begin with. That's why they had to up the prophecy age to 20 in the film. In the book it's 16, but as the kids in the films look like they started at 16, instead of the 12ish age at the start of the books, everything has to move up.

There are lots of cool effects, fun, adventure in the film and of course my 9 year old could barely keep her seat when we finally got to see it. She's a die hard Percy Jackson fan and has read the books at least 3 times now. She sees the differences between the books and the films but doesn't get hung up on it. She enjoys them each for what they both are. Smart girl.

You'll see most of the same cast members reprised their roles in this film. Pierce Brosnan was obviously absent and a British actor took over the role of Chiron. Only a few actors look like what I pictured the characters to be, but that's typical.

I'm curious to see if they decide to make all the films. If they do, they better hurry. These kids are growing fast.

Worth a view? Yes.

Worth a buy? Yes, for my 9 year old. She'll watch it until the disc breaks. For an adult, once is probably enough.

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