Tuesday, September 3, 2013

The Wolverine

If you go to see this movie you're likely to have seen the other X-men and Origin movies, so I don't see the need to explain who the Wolverine is or how he got to be that way.

So, Origins was the prequel to the X-men trilogy. The Wolverine is what happens after the 3rd X-men but only involving Logan and none of the other X-men characters except one but I don't want to spoil that part so . . . . Most of the movie takes place in Japan. Also, Logan's more clean cut in this film than any of the others.

It has a good storyline and for the most part, the dialogue is up to comic book film standards. There were several missed opportunities for Logan to have really good one liners that fell flat. You'll get all the usual action you expect along with special effects. We meet some new mutant characters and tech, like the bed, which I thought was really cool. There are some parts to the story where they hint at an idea but never follow through. Not sure what to think about that.

Also, they left the film wide open, hugely wide open, for the next one. This part at the end is a major twist in my opinion. It's at the beginning section of the credits. You don't need to stay to the end screen of the credits. There's nothing there. I watched.

However, if, like me, you've never watched X-men 3 all the way to the ending screen after the credits, I recommend you should. I actually went back and watched X-men 3 the same night I saw this film. I suggest doing that. It brings to light interesting things you might miss otherwise.

It's PG13 for violence and language. I noticed more language in this one than in any of the others in the franchise. Not sure why. It kind of jarred me each time, but then I'm sensitive to swear words. We do have a few scantily clad women and shirtless men. Keep kids under 13 out of this one.

Worth a view?: Yes!

Worth a buy?: Yes!

Do you have a fave X-men film?


  1. And Hugh Jackman is always a pleasure to look at.

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