Tuesday, December 17, 2013

White House Down

If you like your movies action packed with a touch or humor, this is one to add to your list.

The premise is a little far fetched but we don't watch action movies for that reason. although the writers did a good job of making this one as believable as possible. Actually I wondered during the film if you could take over the White House this way. Hope the SS reviewed their procedures after this came out. I also wondered how they got some of the shots they did. I can't imagine the White House allowing them to film on site. The security mixed with the pyrotechnics would put anyone's heart and mind into logistical overdrive trying to protect the real president.

We watch action flicks to see the good guys/underdogs get cut up, blow up stuff and watch them out smart the bad guys.

I wasn't surprised that Mr. Channing lost his shirt early in the film. I did like that Mr. Foxx kept his coat and tie on for most of the film and his character's fascination with Lincoln. You'll recognize the daughter as Ramona from Ramona and Beezus. This also has a great humorous bad guy. He runs the computers. You'll see. His character is just fabulous!

So, if you like films like Red or Die Hard, etc. your in luck.

Worth a view: Yes.
Worth a buy: I'm seriously considering it. I'd watch this one over again.

Got a good action flick to recommend?

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