Tuesday, January 14, 2014


You'll have to stretch your memory back to the 1980's for this one. Yes, that film with Warwick, Val Kilmer and Jean Marsh. Back when we were all young and didn't have fine lines creeping into our skin.

Yes, there is a baby.

And a prophecy.

And a battle.
Yes, it's a George Lucas film directed by Ron Howard.

Crazy enough, this was a film based on a short story by Lucas and later adapted into a book based on the film. The book embellishes on the film and even has a few changes but is pretty tight with the film.

I read the book with my daughter and then she received it over the holidays. We held off on our son. We previewed it to see which age group it was appropriate for and while it is rated PG, it was a little serious for a Kindergartner. We told him he'll have to wait a few years. There are magical creatures, battle and the fact that Bavmorda spends all her time trying to locate and kill a baby to take into account. Watch this one with the older set of PG age kids is my recommendation. There is no language or nudity as I recall. Just a couple of kisses.

She loved the film and because we read the book, she followed along quite well and only had one question after.

Is it the same level of classic as Princess Bride? No.

But certainly worth a view and one my daughter will watch over and over. I was amazed it was available on BluRay! They cleaned the graphics up nicely for the new edition.

Do you have a film from your childhood you've introduced to your children?

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