Thursday, March 20, 2014

Fair Catch

This is the first book I've read by Cindy Anderson and I'd like to read some more!

The writing is funny, witty, heart-tugging, and a good clean romance. Yes, there is kissing, but not excessively and it is used to express the emotions of the characters as opposed to just straight up attraction run wild. Well done.

I liked the characters. They were very relatable and easy to picture as my own neighbors. I despised the ex-husband as she led me to and I'd figured out the plot a bit ahead of time. Lots of good tension.

I thought it was interesting that these characters are 'faith' based, but not specific to any one faith, which makes them more universally appealing, but I kind of wanted them to be nailed down to one. It was clear they were of a Christ-based faith. I just like to know what religion or branch  I'm dealing with, personally.

Nice way to spend a few hours lost in someone else's life.

Love the fab shoes on the cover!

Would you date an ex-NFL quarterback? Or divorced mother of one?

Ellie Garrett never planned on being a divorced, single mother—she also never planned to get married again. Ever. Her ordinary life changes when the house across the street is sold. The new owner is Nick Coulter—quarterback and MVP for the Sacramento Defenders. Oh yeah, he’s also one of People magazine’s top 100 most beautiful people and America’s most eligible bachelor. So why would she pick him to have her first crush on since her divorce?

Recently retired from the NFL, Nick is more than ready to find a wife and start a family. He's tired of his high-profile lifestyle and moves to Pleasant Wood, Colorado, hoping to finally settle down and focus on his foundation Kids Come First. It would just feel nice to be a normal guy. Of course being rebuffed by Ellie the first few times he meets her makes him feel a little too normal.

As Nick and Ellie become acquainted, their mutual attraction is hard to ignore. But Ellie’s been hurt before by her womanizing ex-husband. She’s not sure that Nick has left behind his playboy reputation. Can she risk falling in love with the celebrity football player or will she miss her chance at scoring big in the game of love?

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