Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Ender's Game

I read this book, along with the next 3-4 in the series, somewhere in the last 5 years, so my comparison of the book to the film at this point wouldn't be accurate.

That being said, I think the film is pretty much spot on with what I do recall. The story line is close, if not exact.

I think it's hard to make a space movie. Not a lot of scenery out there. Plenty of special effects.

The casting is solid. Everyone who appears on the screen seems made for their part in the film.

While it's not a dark film, there isn't much levity. Only a few humorous moments. After all, we are talking about a film where the purpose is the extinction of an alien species.

Worth a view? Yes.

Worth a buy? Hmm. Not necessarily. We did. But, I don't think it's one I'll be asking to watch over and over again. Maybe every few years or so.

Did you think the movie held up to the book?


  1. I started the audio book of it and couldn't get past the first disc for the strong language and negative put-downs from the brother, if I remember correctly. I was leery of the film because of this. Did they clean it up? I was disappointed in Orson Scott Card, but then some would think me a prude. Thanks for the review. Maybe I'll have to see it before Storymaker's keynote speaker comes.

  2. I agree about the not being worth a purchase. I loved the book but the movie was lacking the same emotional kick the words had.