Thursday, May 1, 2014

Midnight in Austenland

I thoroughly enjoyed the first one and this one was just as fun. 

Charlotte is a different heroine, a divorced single mom, who happens to run a very successful business. This is her first vacation since the divorce and the numbness finally recedes. Lots of mishaps, charlatans, and blurred lines between real life and real life in Austenland. Humor. Romance. A murder mystery. All the makings of a good clean romance. After all, Regency rules must be obeyed! 

I especially liked the device used by Ms. Hale regarding Inner Thoughts. I totally relate to Charlotte that way. I get annoyed with mine too and have told them more than once to 'take a hike'! 

Will they make another movie of this one? I don't know. Maybe. A few of the actors would need to return including Jane Seymour and Jennifer Cooley. It could be very fun/funny. 

Worth a read? Yes. 

Now, is anyone up for a game of Bloody Murder? 

Charlotte Kinder is in need of true escape when she heads from Ohio to Pembrook Park, a Jane Austen-themed retreat in the British countryside. But as it turns out, this vacation is no time to relax. Hearts are racing and stomachs fluttering in a tangle of intrigues-real and pretend, sinister and romantic-increasingly tough to sort out. It's midnight in Austenland, and Charlotte is about to prove herself a heroine worthy of Austen herself.

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