Tuesday, May 20, 2014


Easter as nearly a month ago, but life has been busy between then and now and this post is overdue. 

Hop is cute and the story line wasn't what I expected from the previews. I thought the dark haired lead male (James Marsden) and the featured blond female (Kaley Cuoco) would be boyfriend & girlfriend, but it turns out they are siblings. That changed the film significantly for me i.e. it wouldn't be a RomCom, just a Com. 

But as I said, it's cute. The soon-to-be Easter bunny wants to be a drummer and Marsden's character is a drift and in need of a job. Guess what happens? 

Easter is nearly ruined by the head Chick who wants to be the Easter bunny. See, not what you thought. 

Lots of fun cameos and fun moments. 

Worth a view? Yes. Cute to watch at Easter time.

Worth a buy? No. Rent it or DVR it off tv like we did. 

What did you think of Hop? 

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