Thursday, May 23, 2013

Austenland & Alfred...Hitchcock that is

What do these two things have to do with each other?

Just that I finished both last week!


I know, how can I call myself a true Austen fan when I hadn't read Shannon Hale's Austenland yet? It's been on the list of 'want to read' for years now. A friend finally put a copy in my hands and said, 'Read it!' I did.

Blissfully wonderfully Austen all twisted up and modern. Loved the concept, the heroine, everything. I had trouble putting it down so thank goodness it's a short fast flowing read!

A woman in her thirties is hung up on Austen but especially Pride and Prejudice. Hmmm. I can think of several friends who fit that description. But at least, I'm in good company!

Colin Firth, lake, white shirt. 'Nough said.

Go on a journey to Austenland. If only it was a real vacation immersion experience. That would totally rock! But alas, it is not so. Sigh.


I have never seen Psycho or any other Hitchcock film or television series.

My husband was shocked. Just put Psycho up there next to Jaws on the list of classic films I haven't seen.

This film is about Hitchcock making Psycho. So I learned a bit about it, other than the famous knife sound effect in the shower.

I totally got into this movie. The actors are superb. Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren. Fabulous combination! They totally transformed Hopkins. His figure (they made him twice as big around as normal!) and face and even more crazy, his voice! Loved the setting, time period, costumes. They both show a little skin and I would love to look as good as Mirren in that red bathing suit when I reach her age. Scar Jo, Jess Biel. Just great.

Pop the corn, grab a pint of ice cream, or a good old Hershey bar (whatever your fave movie snack food is) and watch.

I vote adults only. Subject matter and young kids just won't have the attention span for it. Not to mention it's PG 13.

So, what movies and books have you been catching up on? or What would happen if we crossed Austenland with Hitchcock?

PS I'd love for them to make one about The Birds.

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  1. I have only seen one Hitchcock: Rear Window--truly excellent movie--I would let my older kids watch it .
    As for books...I read Insurgent--wasn't as happy with it as I was Divergent. Then I read the Atherton series. Good story, went a bit fast though.