Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Jack Reacher

In short: A waste of 2 hours of my life.

I didn't have huge expectations for this but I thought it might flow along the lines of Minority Report of the MI series and be entertaining.


The mystery gets solved half way through and the rest is just running from the law, catching the bad guys, and dispensing 'justice'.

The car chase scene is far too long.

Mr. Cruise is beginning to show his age. And while he's in great shape for a guy his age, the shirts off scene days are numbered.

Two bright spots: Rosamund Pike who switches her native British accent (which I adore) for a flawless American accent and Robert Duvall.

Do yourself a favor: watch the trailer. All the best parts of the movie are in there including the hat at the bus stop which was my favorite part of the whole movie. Does that tell you anything. When the trailer concludes move on with your life. You've seen all that's worth seeing and will only have wasted 3 minutes of your life. A much better deal.

Next time, I'll rent Hitchcock and hope for better luck with Anthony Hopkins and Helen Mirren.

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  1. Thanks for the review. I've been wondering about that one.