Thursday, May 30, 2013

It's All About Paint

Right now my life is all about paint.

I'd like to tell you that we had a windfall and used the overabundance of money to take a scenic tour through Europe where I'm inspired to dab in oils and watercolors while I paint Monet's gardens, bits of the Sistine chapel, and the famed canals of Venice and St. Petersburg.

Alas, tis not so. (And a good thing too because painting in that form is not one of my talents.)

I'm talking about tables, buffets, cabinets, chairs, trim and walls.

With the youngest on summer break and the oldest hitting it in about two more weeks it's painting time at my house. I get my best paint time in when the kids are out of school. I know that sounds like crazy reverse psychology, but it's true. We were barely home last summer but in the 3-4 weeks we were I managed to paint several rooms.

On the docket this summer, finish out all the trim on the main floor, paint the remaining doors, the laundry room, the upstairs hallway and the final project is the master suite and bath. I'm excited to get painting!

Goal: to finish before the family reunion in mid July.

Lofty? Yes. Within reach? Absolutely!

This will mean multiple trips to Home Depot. But hey, the kids have to leave the house once in a while, right?

So, while I may not be writing this summer, I'll have a beautiful home to enjoy before the end of it and that should be inspiring to my creativity and I won't add to my writer's butt!

As for the basement, I'm leaving that alone until next year unless I get really motivated.

What's your summer project?


  1. I'm in the painting mode as well. I like that your goals are lofty but doable. Keep that last part in mind and paint away!

  2. thanks Renae. Good luck to you too!