Tuesday, June 18, 2013

An Ideal Husband

I watched this one night before we terminated out Netflix contract. Glad I didn't miss it.

If you like a nice period film with a great cast, well done storyline, and the opportunity to root for a roguish hero, then load up An Ideal Husband and enjoy! The acting is spot on as are the sets and costumes. You'll recognize tons of faces here. There's a few hold your breath twists at the end. That's good writing.

This is a chick flick. Your hubby won't appreciate it. Unless he's just gooey on the inside awesome in this way. Round up your girls, dish up the scones and relax. 

This one is PG-13 as I recall, though I couldn't say exactly why.

What period film ranks on your list?


  1. Thanks for the movie review. I needed to put more movies on my queue.
    Somewhere in Time is another good one.

  2. Well that will go on the list of movies to watch. :) Thanks for the suggestion.