Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Snow White & the Huntsman

First of all, I didn't have high expectations for this film. That helped.

Also, in my opinion, there are definitely two schools of people when it comes to Kristen Stewart: 'tolerate her' and 'I'll pass on her films'. Sorry to all you major fans I just offended

In this one she is tolerable and even gives us glimpse of some of her better acting from Zathura. For me, she actually worked out well as Snow White.

Charlize Theron turns in another flawless performance giving us all the best we've come to expect from her caliber of actress. And her costumes rock! They are so awesome!

Chris Hemsworth is excellent as the Hunter, although I noticed he looks a bit smaller in this one than Thor. Perhaps it's the lack of shoulder padding that goes with the cape. Hmmm.

All in all, my husband thought once was enough. But I thought it was worth watching more than once and possibly even owning, though not at full price. You can decide for yourself.

It is PG-13. Violence for the most part.

Which of the Snow White movies is your favorite? (And yes, the Disney one counts. :))

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  1. We definitely liked this one. Ms. Stewart was believeable as Snow White--Theron was fabulous as the evil queen. Did you know they are doing a part 2?