Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Fire Girl

Fire Girl: Part 1 by Taryn Taylor is out!

This looks like a fun YA read. I think I can identify with the main character at least on the level of perpetually having things go 'wrong'. If you have run out of books to read this summer, grab this one next!

Let me know what you think.

And congratulations to Ms. Taylor!

Everyone has secrets. Maddie wants to take hers and run.

After getting court ordered to live with her grandparents in Sugar Valley, seventeen-year-old, Maddie Haven doesn't expect to tick off the hot student body president, have a faceoff with a horrendously grumpy girl in a wheel chair, and get blamed for a school fire—all on the first day of school. Good thing she plans to leave. And don't even ask why Maddie volunteers to help out after her grandpa has a heart attack. Staying in Sugar Valley is not possible!

After an unexpected friendship leads Maddie on a journey to remember the faith she thought no longer existed, the only thing she knows for sure is the truth never comes easy. And helping someone else just might change her in ways she never thought possible.

When the people that share her secret threaten the people she loves, Maddie is left with a choice: run away or let it all go up in smoke.

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