Tuesday, July 23, 2013

Warm Bodies

I'm not a zombie lover. Nothing about that genre seems all that appealing. Dead people killing live people to make more dead people and then what happens when all the living people are dead? Do they eat each other until all the dead are dead? Then the planet is devoid of all living and dead human life. Not sure how you work out a storyline with that.

So, it's ironic, that when the trailers for this movie came out, a small part of me sneaked up and said, "I want to see that."


It looked like a potentially humorous zombie movie. Can such a thing be?

I finally caught a chance to watch it on video with two recent high school grads on vacation. Watching it with them cracked me up, because they 'watched' it while being on their phones the whole time. Can't this generation just put down the phone for two hours and enjoy a film they've already told me they like?

My thoughts:

Humorous, but not quite as funny as I'd hoped.

A clean storyline, but when you steal from Shakespeare you really can't go too wrong. I think it would be hilarious to read the screenplay for this one.

Zombie A: grunts
Zombie B: a shorter grunt
Zombie C: long groan
shuffle, shuffle

It's really amazing how much a zombie can convey to you when they have to keep the same expression all the time. I give full props to the main character, R, for keeping in zombie form (even while running) through out the film, even as he progresses and becomes more 'alive'. Really cool ideas of how a zombie functions.

Worth a view? Yes.

Need to own it? No.

There are a few words your kids shouldn't hear or say. No nudity or sex. I guess it was PG-13 for the language and violence.

What are your thoughts on zombies?


  1. I loved Warm Bodies. It was funny. Sweet, even. And I am NOT a zombie fan - whatsoever. I had to look away when R snacked on the brains. Ewwww... My girls and I giggled the whole way through.

  2. I figure it's worth at least a dollar as a Redbox rental, right? I'll look for it, though my husband and I aren't zombie fans either.