Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Me & Orson Welles

Okay, you need to be a die hard Zac Efron fan to sit down and watch this one, because it is slow. It's all about character, character development and Orson Welles.

It also helps to be a Claire Daines fan.

Young love, back stabbing, lies, learning the ways of the world and theater. That is this film.

Although, I can't say anything against the acting. I think perhaps it's the execution of the concept that is the issue.

One view is enough for me. I'm not even sure given what I've just said I'd recommend you watch it. Is it the worst movie I've seen, no. Best, not even close. Waste of 90 minutes of my life, quite possibly.

PG-13. Language and immodesty as I recall. Not to mention some questionable moral decisions.

What ranks on your waste of time movie list?


  1. I hadn't heard of this one. Doesn't sound like I'll push to see it. Hubby would complain the whole time. lol

  2. "The Words."

    As a writer I really looked forward to this movie about a writer. My husband even paid full price for us to see it at a real theater (as opposed to the dollar movie which is sometimes his preference.) Sadly, it isn't even worth the price of a Redbox rental.