Tuesday, June 10, 2014

G.I. Joe 2: Retaliation

My husband I can't recall if we ever saw the first film in this franchise. If we did, then apparently it wasn't memorable.

Not sure if this one is either.

Okay, so the story line isn't too hard to figure out. G.I. Joe team vs. Cobra. That whole concept is what built the franchise and made boys of the 1980s happy for endless hours.

Presumably they brought back the original cast for the sequel and it's a decent cast. There's a surprise role, by an ultimate action film actor, who I won't name or it will ruin it for you. But, what I totally couldn't fathom was the death of a main character a mere 15-20 minutes in. That means that character won't be back in any subsequent films. I'm not sure that was a good move for the franchise.

The ending is left open for another film. We'll see.

Worth a view? Sure.

Worth a buy? No. There are other action films more deserving of your money. Catch it on Redbox, etc.

Does anyone know if it lived up to the first G.I. Joe or if all the actors came back?

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