Tuesday, June 17, 2014


The real story behind Sleeping Beauty is not what you'd expect and I enjoyed every minute of it!

There are all the elements of the beloved Disney classic but seen from a very different view point.

The sets/CG work are outstanding. But, then I didn't expect anything less.

The costumes are beautiful.

I'm not the biggest Jolie fan, but I don't dislike her either. This film could change my mind, about becoming a fan. She was the perfect Maleficent. Don't be distracted by the cheek implants. Personally, I wondered if they hurt at all, but of course they are exterior prosthetics. I was totally impressed at the way she moved, talked and laughed. She had to be a likable villain. Not the easiest of tasks and she did it with style.

Fave side characters, the three fairies, esp. the pink one, and the crow.

The king gets seriously paranoid. He should. I wouldn't be dumb enough to cross Maleficent.

Worth a view? Yes. But I would say for the 8+ crowd. I didn't take my 6 year old to see it. Too intense. But my 9 year old thoroughly enjoyed it.

Worth a buy? Yes. We'll watch this one many times.

So, which version is the truth?

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