Tuesday, June 24, 2014

The Adjustment Bureau

This one sat on the DVR for about 6 months before I got around to watching it. My storage on the DVR is now clear.

Not sure why it sat there so long. I thoroughly enjoy the work of the two main actors: Emily Blunt & Matt Damon. That usually is enough to sell me to watch a film.

The concept is pretty original. It's a take on God and how he either directs our path or allows us to make our own choices and direct the path ourselves. The Adjustment Bureau are immortals/angels who keep us on the Chairman's predetermined path. The issue comes when things don't go according to plan or a long term pre-planned life gets a major directional change but the foundation is already set for the first path and the subconscious keeps trying to direct us back to the original.

The thinking behind this film, along with the script, are applaudable. That's not really a word, but I couldn't quiet find the right one. It gets your brain wondering about the concept of life, our control over it, the idea of agency and how it affects our path.

The actors portrayal of the characters really drives the film. I had no idea Emily Blunt was a professional dancer, but she doesn't use a double and the choreography involved takes a pro level dancer. Really impressive. It added to my admiration for her and her craft.

PG-13 for steam, it is a romance after all. A few words of language. A few well aimed punches round out the violence factor.

Worth a view? Yes. I think this satisfies the romance angle for the girl while engaging the guy with the suspense and action.

Worth a buy? Not sure this is one I would watch over and over again. Catch it through a cheap option.

Do you think our lives are 'adjusted' as the movie suggests?

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