Thursday, August 8, 2013

One In Thine Hand

One in Thine Hand: A Novel Set in Modern Israel by Gerald N. Lund

This one was republished in the past couple of years and lent to me by a family member. I think it was originally published in the 1970's but don't quote me.

I learned a lot in this book about Israel, Jews, Christians, Muslims and the fight for the Holy Land. All stuff I didn't know anything about. Can you tell I know very little about the Middle East?

I know you're thinking, Ugh, a history lesson book, but it's totally not like that. You follow well defined and deep characters on a journey through breaking down stereotypes and learning to listen with your heart. It's a story about faith and love and yes, you'll learn some important facts along the way about why there is so much hatred between the people that live there.

An eye opening read. I'm glad I read it. If you get invested in the characters like I did, be prepared to shed a tear or two and keep the Kleenex standing by for the ending.

Here's the blurb and link to Amazon.

Brad Kennison is a returned missionary and a Vietnam vet looking for direction in his life. He makes a journey to Israel in the summer of 1973, at the height of the uneasy days leading up to the Yom Kippur War. Accompanying him through the Holy Land is Miri Shadmi, a fiery Israeli committed to the political survival of her state and scornful of Americans - like Brad.

With Miri as his reluctant guide, Brad feels the spiritual impact of the Garden of Gethsemane, relives the tragedies of the Holocaust at Yad Vashem, and visits Israel's monument to freedom, Masada. Along the way, the two battle about politics and religion and brave a run-in with Arab terrorists at a remote kibbutz. Rivalry soon gives way to romance, and both are forced to examine their commitment to faith, family and country.

What historical book opened your eyes to another part of the world/culture?


  1. One of my favorite books! I read it as a kid and loved it!

  2. I read this book a long time ago. It's a keeper.