Tuesday, August 20, 2013

Monsters Univeristy

This one was fun and well done.

It was great to finally get all the back story on how Mike and Sully came to be best friends. They were enemies of course! At least at first. I won't ruin anymore of the storyline.

But I found it funny and clever and a good prequel to Monster's Inc. It really explained stuff!

The animation is superb, but it's actually a little too perfect and sometimes I felt it looked too real to be real! That's a strange criticism to make, but you'll see when you watch, esp. the bus.

Can't think of any reason why anyone can't watch this. So no 'heads up moms' warning necessary. I liked it just as much as the first.

Fun facts: Helen Mirren is Dean Hardscrabble and Dave Foley is one of the two heads on what's his name, which I thought was cool since he did the voice of Flik in A Bug's Life. And don't worry, John Ratzenberger gets his cameo so he can still say he's been in every Pixar movie!

Oh, the short is now my 9 year olds all time favorite. I liked it, but there are others I like better.

Worth a view: Yes

Worth a buy: Yes. We preordered it yesterday, along with a bunch of other movies.

Will you be inviting Monsters into your home this fall?

And, does anyone think it's worth owning Lone Ranger? We didn't see it and the reviews of family and friends are mixed so it's hard to know. Thanks.

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  1. Loved Monsters University! My opinion on the Lone Ranger--cute, not nearly as bad as the reviews profess. But not fantastic. Probably worth buying once it comes down to the $7.50 rack, but definitely not worth full price. We saw it at the first run movie theaters, and I was disappointed we hadn't waited for the dollar theater, because that's about what it's worth paying to see.