Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Saige Paints the Sky

For those of you without young girls running around your homes, Saige is the American Girl of the year for 2013 and this is the movie to go along with the doll, books and all other clothes and accessories that parents pay a small fortune for to make their daughters happy.

The movie is simple. Music and art have been cut from the school' this year due to budget cuts. Does that sound familiar? Saige loves art. Her grandmother (played by Jane Seymour) is a famous artist. Saige's best friend Tessa loves music. They collaborate and add new friends to try and raise the money to save their programs. It's a rocky road, but American Girl films always end happy.

There's some decent child acting going on and a decent storyline. The writing is solid. It gets the story told and doesn't make you cringe. Highlight: the balloon festival! I'd like to go see that in person someday.

Clean film. Feel free to watch with your girls. Some younger siblings will enjoy too, even the boys.

Worth a watch? Sure.

Worth a buy? Not at my house. Redbox.

I think my fave AG film so far is Kit Kittredge. You?

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