Thursday, August 15, 2013

Breaking Dawn

Yes, you read that right. I just finally finished the last book in the Twilight series a couple of weeks ago.

To be fair/defend myself, I did this series in an unusual way.

You see, when the books came out, I didn't read them and all my friends were astonished that a reader like me didn't/hadn't.

When the film Twilight came out, I still hadn't read them, nor did I see it in the theater. I was teaching 16-17 year old girls at the time and they couldn't stop comparing the book to the movie and I thought, 'Sheesh, they couldn't even enjoy the film for the film's sake!'

So, I decided to see the film first, then read the book after.

I waited until Twilight came out on Redbox and watched alone one night when my husband was overnight at the hospital. No one could compare or comment and I could come to my own conclusions without unwanted influence. Overall, it's a slow movie, but I was interested by the story and wanted to know what got left out. So, I read the book.

I continued this trend for the whole series. Saw the movie, (okay so the rest I saw in the theaters, I even did the back to back marathon for the third one), then read the book.

Breaking Dawn presented a problem since they broke it into two parts to make more money. Read half and wait or see all and read all. I chose option 2. And yes, I still got behind in reading it after I saw the second film. By then I knew most people either loved or hated book 4. There don't seem to be any fence sitters.

I waited through 3 books for Bella to finally grow a spine. Apparently she had to become a vampire to do that. If I'd known that I'd have asked Edward to change her in book 1! It drove me crazy.

That, and I'm team Jacob. Oh well, it all works out in the end.

I will say this, I think the one twist they made in the film by adding the fight sequence was brilliant and made the story stronger.

So, happily ever after and all that.

What was your experience with the Twilight Saga?


  1. I enjoyed the books. Was disappointed with the movies until the end. I'm Team Edward in the books, Team Jacob for the movies. Pattinson is horrible as Edward. The guy who played Superman in Man of Steel is who Meyer would have wanted to play Edward.

    My big gripe about BD is the baby. She made too powerful a case about vampires not being able to have children. Yes, she mentioned it in the very first book when Bella was researching vampires, but I think we needed something subtle to remind us of that. As it was, when I hit that spot, it tore me right out of the world. Not what you want to do as a writer.

    I thought Bella had a backbone. She had ways of getting what she wanted in a more passive aggressive way. It's hard to come off as strong when you're playing with inhumanly strong immortals.

  2. I saw somewhere the comment of how Twilight is all about how a girl is nothing without a boyfriend. Although I think it's a tad bit harsh---there's a ring of truth to it.

    I didn't like books 2 or 4 and the whole series just frustrated me.